So what is this float thing anyway?

Floating is the optimal way to relax and recharge. It is the act of floating on your back in a light and sound dampened pod/tank/or room. They generally contain about  and 800-1,100 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in 200 gallons of water, usually 10 to 11 inches deep, at a skin receptor neutral 93 degrees. Boasting a specific gravity of 1.30, due to the small mountain of Epsom salt, it is impossible to sink. With no external stimuli to run your brain, it is your best shot at actual relaxation. So what you get is a fantastic place to relieve stress, meditate, forget about your aches and pains, and spark your creative side, along with many many other uses.  

Where are you located?

We are located up about a half a mile above Kaumana caves in Hilo. The address will be provided in your confirmation email the day before your float. 

How clean is the water?  

Tested by an independent lab on Oahu for Most Probable Number (MPN) of bacterial colonies, the water scored a 12 MPN. *Update, second and third water test results, <2 MPN. Drinking water is safe up to 500 MPN, we plan on testing that claim in the coming months and will update it on the site. Probably build a water test page or something and show all the results of our tests.  The water you will be floating in could very well be cleaner than the water at most beaches around the islands and the water you drink from plastic bottles purchased at the store.  If it weren't for the salinity you could drink this water.  

How often do you change the water? 

Not for quite sometime. Everyone is required to use the bathroom and take a thorough shower before entering the pod, that combined with the mechanical filter, the Ozone diffusion, and UV Light sterilization, the system touts a pretty tough defense against bacteria.Those three coupled with the natural antimicrobial properties of the Eleven Hundred pounds of medical grade Epsom salt it would take a shot of feces to send it hurling over the desired MPN. (We kindly ask that you abstain from such actions.) 

What do I do in there?

Train yourself to relax. Yes, it can be more difficult than imagined to actually relax. It may even take a couple floats before you get the hang of it. Try to find a comfortable position with your arms, let your head fall back on its own, you wont sink we promise, stay as still as you can, and slow your breathing. A lot of people even fall asleep. 

How long do I stay in there?

Float bookings are 90 min long, but if you feel the need to get out, you can at anytime.   

What if I have claustrophobia?  

The interior of the Float Pod is actually bigger than it might sound. The lid can stay open if you choose and the lights can also be left on or turned back on with the push of a button. 

What do I wear in there?

Nothing. Not only do clothes harbor more bacteria than you'd think, it may be distracting to you during the float with the pressure of the clothing pressing upon your body or drying out and forming salt crystals. 

Any reasons not to float?

If you...

  • Got a tattoo in the last three to four weeks
  • Like being stressed out
  • Dyed your hair in the last week 
  • Enjoy body aches and pains
  • Were born last night
  • Are sick
  • Have large open wounds
  • Are not biologically part of the homosapiens species
  • Shaved in the last 12 hours
  • For the ladies, if its that time of the month.

What are the benefits? 

There are many touted benefits that can be mentioned. I'm sure I'll miss some but the short list may include:

  • Muscle recovery
  • Artistic creativity enhancement
  • Ease of meditation
  • Accelerated learning (for school, work, or anything else) 
  • Pain management(headaches, backaches or other body pains) 
  • Self reflection
  • Stress relief (which may help in reducing blood pressure, cortisol, and blood glucose levels)
  • You can rewire your brain (to help with some addictions and unwanted thought patterns)
  • Concussion recovery (floating can positively impact serotonin, dopamine, IGF-1 and testosterone levels which all take a production dive when you suffer concussions)