Pricing & Availability

One float


$75/60 min float

The first float is always the best. You get to get your feet wet--literally. You get an initial feel for the water temperature and the encapsulation of the tank in total darkness. You get to experience the dissipation of your senses and antigravity presumes, whats left is your subconscious mind in total relaxation.

Floatation Therapy Intro Package


$179/Three 60 min floats

This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It is proven that you will get the full spectrum affects of floatation therapy after 3 floats. By the second or third float your body releases into the serenity of relaxation at a much faster rate. Your clarity and body experiences the full healing affects of the magnesium sulphate. This is great for full body recovery and regeneration.

Monthly Float Club (credit card required) additional floats just $49 each


$49/60 min float

This is where the advanced recovery and renew happens. When you are floating on the monthly. This is for those who need to getaway from the everyday grind and reset the mind. Also for those athletes with rigorous training floating is the ultimate recovery to heal muscles and ligaments. It is well worth the investment, and you can also purchase extra floats, as gifts or for personal use, for only $49 each, that is a 35% discount from a normal priced float!


Saturday CLOSED


We are located in the Kaumana area of Hilo. The address will be in the confirmation email after you book and in the reminder email a day before your float.